I learned about SRC and the lead safety program from an online article in the Star Tribune. I decided to contactyou and find out if we qualified. From there the process has been fantastic for me and my family. It was actually very cool to have the home educators out to our home for the initial testing. I was excited to see science in action and to answer my daughter's questions about the process (and have her meet professional women, too!).

My husband and I loved the LSWP class - the instructor was very talented and I appreciated how she gave us great, specific information but also kept the pace moving along and got the audience to participate. We left with a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence about how to approach the lead and potential lead in our home. 

As a parent, I can only tell you what I'm sure you've heard from so many other parents, which is how scary lead contamination and lead poinsoning can be. I value living in my community and my home, but am terrified that the lead in my home will make my children sick or even brain damaged. This program and its accessibility to my family has already improved our quality of life in just the way I clean my home and our knowledge of how to approach home improvement projects safely. I really appreciate the knowledge you have given us in how to approach the lead hazard. That means I can be assured my children will grow up in the safe home they deserve.

All the best to you at SRC!

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North Minneapolis