If you own a home built before 1978, inevitably there are some traces of lead within the components of your home. This can be highly hazardous to the health of a home's inhabitants, especially if you are planning for any remodeling or refurnishing in your home. If your home indeed does have lead it is imperative to work lead-safe in order to protect your family's health.

An XRF (x-ray fluorescence) analyzer can provide independent proof as to whether or not lead is present in a home. XRFs can pinpoint exact concentrations of lead in specific components in a house, while self-test kits purchased over the counter can only tell of the presence of lead and are costly as well as inefficient when testing an entire home. All XRF testing by SRC's Lead Hazard Control department is done in accordance with HUD, EPA and Minnesota Department of Health standards of practice. 


Paint Inspection Risk Assessment (PIRA)


  • Testing with XRF Analyzer and lab analysis of dust samples and soil testing
  • An in-depth Lead Risk Assessment will provide you with a full report of lead hazards in and around the home*
  • Consultation with a licensed Risk Assessor and Lead Action Plan that outlines the steps necessary to address lead hazards

*Report includes all areas that tested positive for lead, an evaluation of the hazard based on the condition of the surface and a monitoring list of future concerns


Limited Risk Assessment Testing

Save on costs of EPA enforced lead-safe work practices!

  • Over-the-counter tests only detect the presence of lead, however an area is not considered a lead hazard if the concentraton for a component is below 1mg per cm2. XRF testing can tell you where dangerous levels of lead are located.
  • Lead may only be in certain areas of the house, those areas can then be targeted for use of safety practices and the rest of the work can be done using normal practices. Save time and money by limiting your containment costs!


After any remodeling project is completed, a house should be tested to be sure that no Lead Hazards were created during the construction process.

  • Peace of mind for homeowners to know that the home is safe from lead hazards
  • Proof for Contractors that no lead hazards were created on their worksites and all EPA standards were followed.
The cost of testing will vary with the location and size of house. For more information, pricing & scheduling, please contact SRC's Operation Manager, Tasha Julius at (612) 872-3291.

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