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Free in-home visits are offered to identify if there might be lead hazards in your home. At these visits dust wipe samples are taken as an initial assessment and we'll offer more information about the grant and information on how to prevent lead poisoning.


After the in-home visit, your case will be reviewed by Hennepin County and depending on income eligibility and dust wipe sample results, it will be determined whether you are selected for the next step, a free paint inspection and risk assessment (PIRA).

The PIRA inspection is a in-depth assessment to identify  where lead hazards may be the interior and exterior of your home. The inspection includes testing with an XRF analyzer, lab analysis of dust samples and soil testing. This assessment will take 2-4 hours depending on the size of your home.

Door knob set against a bright windowOWNER'S MEETING

At the owner’s meeting, the Risk Assessor will go over the results of the testing and will show you the work that must be done. Only windows that have tested positive for lead in the PIRA will be replaced.


As part of the requirements of the grant, you will attend a 3-hour class, Lead Safe Work Practices, which details how to paint and do small projects in your home in a lead-safe manner. Landlords must take the EPA-certified RRP class.


Participation in the grant includes a “sweat equity” portion. Hennepin County issues grant funds to help replace windows, but any of the lead hazards in the home that must be handled by the homeowner, so that the end result is a lead-safe home.


Every house is different, but homeowner’s work may include:

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· Wet scraping and painting window trim, interior molding and three-season porches

· Painting the exterior of the home or other structures on the property, including garages

· Covering soil in place where lead has tested high with grass or mulch

The homeowner can choose to do the work themselves, or hire a certified lead-safe renovator.


Once the homeowner’s work is complete, the Lead Supervisor will visit to inspect the work, take measurements of the windows that will be replaced, and discuss window preferences with you.


A bid proposal for your project will be created along with a cost estimate and your project will once again go to Hennepin County for review. Income eligibility is determined once again. Based on available funds, your project will be approved up to a certain amount. If more than $8,000 is needed to replace all the hazardous windows in the home, you may be responsible to cover the remaining portion of the cost. Funding is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Once your project is approved, crews will schedule a time to replace the windows. All residents must be out of the home while the windows are being replaced to protect the health of the family. You must move all furniture and possessions away from the windows and leave a spare key that will be put into a lock box and returned to you after the project is completed. Once the project is complete and has passed clearance, your family can return home.

SRC's lead harzard containment during window installation.
SRC's lead harzard containment during window installation.

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