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SERC Combination Water & Boiler Heating Grant

Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers (SERC)

Combination Water & Boiler Heating Systems


The SRC Efficiency Lab: Testing Single Source Heating Systems

Our Goal

This lab is a collaborative effort lead by SRC. We will bring together various single burner combination heating systems and test them in a lab setting to determine which systems perform best in a variety of measures.

The Results

The performance data from the lab tests will enable a number of organizations to make more informed decisions about single source heating systems.

Moving Forward

SRC will be using this information to determine which systems will work best in our 400 house trial.

What Is Single Source Heating?

A single source heating system provides both the central heat (CH) and domestic hot water (DHW) for a home from a single burner.  Single Source Heating is a very broad term that encompasses many different systems, some of which we will detail more specifically later.  Generally speaking we like this approach for a number of reasons, namely it allows us to meet all the CH and DHW needs of a home with one sealed combustion, highly efficient burner.  Additionally, many units have modulating burners and outdoor sensors that allow them to act differently based on the weather and the needs of the house.  Collectively these technologies make these units safer, more adaptive, and cheaper to operate.



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Read the final lab work report:

Co-publish by CEE (Center for Energy and Environment)

The results of the house monitoring of combination systems will be available later this year.