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SRC Expands Healthy Housing Mission 

Sustainable Resources Center (SRC) is expanding our healthy housing mission by merging our long-standing weatherization and lead hazard control programs.

We have reformulated our programs to provide better education about indoor environmental hazards:
  • Using better information collection tools. We have adapted collection information tools to allow us a better overall picture of the home and its occupants and therefore to allow us to better tailor information to their needs.
  • Distributing the “How Your House Works Workbook.” This workbook, developed by the Alliance for Healthy Housing, (, is an easy-to-understand presentation of the house as a system. It allows non-experts to get to know the dynamics of how the house works.
  • Making expanded use of our energy usage assessment tool. We have expanded our energy usage assessment to include questions about comfort, changes in energy usage, and perceptions of needs. The revised assessment tool provides better information for the household and for the auditors, contractors, and inspectors so that they can find better solutions to energy-related issues.

These more detailed education packages promote a better partnership with the client and aid in changing resident house-related behavior that leads to improved health and environmental outcomes. Our healthy housing services include:

Basic Weatherization
  • Diagnostics (diagnostic test report; ventilation worksheet)
  • Weatherization audit (combustion safety worksheet; combustion safety test report)
  • Energy savings (weatherization; energy use evaluation; family energy & IAQ action plan)
  • Basic educational component (lead safe work practices; house depressurization limits; attic pressures)
  • Enhanced ventilation (room by room pressure balance; humidity control)
Additional Programming
  • Lead compliance (paint inspection/risk assessment; lead hazard control; clearance testing)
  • Education and outreach (extended education for lead during LHC; community events; screening with access to health network; training in lead safe work practices)
  • Indoor air quality (testing; environmental hazard assessment; indoor environmental summary; homeowner humidity gauge and log)
  • Extended education for WX (How Your House Works Workbook; health screening prior to audit; expanded energy usage assessment)

Contact us for more information on SRC’s Healthy Housing diagnostics program.

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