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Green & Healthy Homes Corps

Green and Healthy Homes Corps, AmeriCorps Program 2010-2013


Green and Healthy Homes Corps (GHHCorps), a metro area AmeriCorps program operated by Sustainable Resources Center, Inc. (SRC) from 2010-2013.

The mission of SRC is to create healthy and energy efficient home environments in partnership with families and communities. GHHCorps members work with SRC’s programs promoting green and healthy housing interventions through both physical work in homes and educational work with occupants. Members receive significant training in green and healthy whole house science to broaden their view of the house as a system. They acquire fieldwork experience across programs. Members work in each area of service on special projects, such as:

  • Energy efficiency, mechanical safety, and indoor air quality
  • Environmental health exposures, such as lead, radon, carbon monoxide
  • Educational interventions for families with health, energy, safety and green living concerns

SRC GHHCorps members not only gain valuable skills and experience that they will learn to apply in the housing and environmental field, they also have an opportunity to participate in service programs and give back to communities in Minnesota.

SRC has received funding for 15 GHHCorps members to serve 1700 hours from August 27, 2012 to August 26, 2013, a 12 month period.  Prospective members must be 18 years or older, a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National or a lawful permanent resident alien of the U.S., must not have a criminal history that precludes the applicant’s ability to work with vulnerable populations, such a children and the elderly, and must be able to make a commitment to complete the term of service.  Completion of a post-secondary program related to health, construction or housing, or a two-year Associate of Arts degree or completion of sophomore year in a four-year college program is required.  Significant course work related to environmental or housing science, or other relevant aspect of the GHHCorps program is preferred.

Work Skills

  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships 
  • Maintain flexibility in work assignments
  • Work both independently and with others
  • Work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
  • Ability to take the initiative on, organize, and complete work assignments
  • Ability to research and organize information
  • Functional computer skills: word processing, spreadsheet, database

Prospective members must have a demonstrated interest in sustainable and environmental housing issues and a commitment to their community and GHHCorps service.  People with excellent interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for service and a true desire to help other people, second language skills and interest in a hands-on volunteer opportunity will be considered. Diversity is a key to all aspects of our program, as we take full advantage of corps members' community connections, group affiliations, and non-English language abilities to reach our clients


Along with a living allowance of $15,000 (paid out semi-monthly over 12 months), members are provided health and dental insurance and are eligible for student loan forbearance. Upon successful completion of a 1 year term of service, GHHCorps members receive a $5,550 education award that can be used for further education or to pay off qualified student loans.


No Longer Accepting Applications.

Program Contact: Jaclyn Nott at or (612)872-3299