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The Energy Conservation program helps low-income families and individuals improve the energy efficiency of their residencies, in order to lower energy bills. 
The program can help you reduce your home energy bills, save energy and make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It is free to those who qualify, and can include energy audits, assistance with furnace repair and replacement and home weatherization.

SRC administers this program for all of Hennepin County including Minneapolis, focusing on services to the elderly, people with disabilities, families with children, and households with a high energy burden.

If you qualify, our energy conservation technicians will identify and conduct the most cost-effective, energy-saving measures for your home.
This may include:
  • Installing insulation 
  • Reducing air infiltration 
  • Performing heating tune-ups and modifications 
  • Replacing appliances for energy efficiency and safety 
Climbing through insulation in attic.


To qualify for the Energy Conservation program, you must first enroll in Energy Assistance.

If you are receiving Energy Assistance, and live in Hennepin County, please call us at 612-872-3294 to apply for the Energy Conservation Program.

If you are not receiving Energy Assistance, but live in Hennepin County and think you may qualify, call the Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County at 952-930-3541 or go here for more information.